Go Foraging With the Noma Team

If you’re interesting in the work of Rene Redzepi and his team at the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen or you just want to know more about finding amazing flavours in the wild, now’s your opportunity to win a chance to go foraging with the Noma team.

This is all part of the restaurant’s new opening plans and an add-on to their original offer of dinner at Noma 2.0 on opening night.

Those who enter will now be in for a second chance to win lunch at Noma plus the foraging experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone serious about food.

All you have to do is donate money via Omaze and be in with a chance of entering the prize draw, the more you spend the more entries you gain.

All the money raised through the giveaway will go towards MAD and their inspiring food symposium.

Here’s more on Noma 2.0 

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