Cervena Elk Strip Loin, Full - 4.25 lbs

Tender and Flavorful Cervena Elk Strip Loin, perfect for any meat lover!

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Our Cervena Elk Strip Loin is a premium cut of fresh venison, with a tender texture and rich, savory flavor. At 4.25 lbs, this full strip loin is perfect for grilling, roasting, or other gourmet cooking applications.

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Additional Product Details

  • Full and Tender Strip Loin
  • Sourced from High-Quality Cervena Elk
  • No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Rich, Natural Flavor with a Delicate Texture
  • Versatile in Cooking - Great for Grilling, Roasting, or Pan-Frying
  • Ideal for Special Occasions or as a Family Meal
  • Great Source of Protein and Essential Nutrients
  • Expertly Trimmed and Prepared for Easy Cooking
  • Impressive and Delicious Centerpiece for Any Dinner Table
  • A Unique Alternative to Traditional Red Meat Options

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